Young student in Business Administration at KU Leuven University, I have spent all my childhood living abroad in Rwanda, Cameroon but especially in Cambodia before moving to Brussels to begin my higher education studies.

Bilingual French-English, I hope in the following years to become trilingual (Dutch) or even quadrilingual by deepening my basics of Spanish.

Having migrated to these countries, I gained an openness and ability to communicate with and understand people of different backgrounds.

Having a direct contact both with the well-off and precarious, with the populations of Europe, Africa, Asia and America as well as with several minority communities, I started getting interested in the issue of social cohesion.

Although some claim that it is inconceivable, I will always be a fervent activist for cohesion.

I am convinced that we must move to federate citizens from different backgrounds, this will solve many other primary issues...
— Yannick
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Municipal elections 2018

It is the mismanagement of Saint-Josse observed on a daily basis which encouraged me to engage in politics at the communal level. While attending the municipal councils, I realized that it was not my young age that would prevent me from fighting for the values of the Independent Federal Democrats.

I will be the 2nd head of the list for DéFI alongside Nathalie Erkan in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode.

Politics in Saint-Josse interests only a small fraction of the local population. Young people are the ones who feel the least represented, although Saint-Josse is the youngest commune in Brussels. Youth must have its democratic voice restored. As President of DéFI Jeunes SJTN, I am committed to represent them with dignity.

Another commitment I hold dear is to engage in this election campaign in the most ethical way possible. As young activists with no political background, we have been disappointed with the unhealthy practices in the "tennoodois" political sphere which stand as an obstruction to democracy.

why DéFI ?

For its values :

  • Democratic: We act in such a way as to maintain and solidify the pact of trust with the citizen.

  • Federalist: We want to unite rather than divide. Organize the public system in the most efficient way possible.

  • Independent: We are independent of pressure groups, the power of money and lobbies.

For its consistency:

Its consistency in its speech towards the citizen, as well as in its actions. The respect of its commitments.

For its pragmatism:

Being ambitious without being unrealistic, reflecting in order to act effectively rather than announcing vague catchphrases.

For social liberalism:

"We are the only ones who are faithful to this philosophical and political liberalism, inspired by the values of the Enlightenment, based on progress and justice. It is a liberalism of general interest. Far from class liberalism, haves. In our charter, all the proposals go in this direction: support for creativity, free entreprise and, at the same time, a search for balance through social protection and solidarity mechanisms. Our society needs to recover these balances, to be appeased..."

- Olivier Maingain

It was solely by conviction that I joined DéFI. Today I’m proud to represent the future of our movement with the support of our greats.
— Yannick de Wilde d'Estmael
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